Thursday, 1 March 2007

Battle of the Blogs - Wife in the North v’s Strife in the North

Daisy Turnip writes.....

Since hearing about it on
Radio 2, I’ve been reading the Wife in the North blog (the woman that secured a £70k book deal from her blog). I've just tumbled across a blog called Strife in the North – a very very funny rip off of the original. Some people have just far too much time on their hands!!

Take a visit, they are both well worth the trip 'upt north.

Which one gets your vote?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pain, but the legibility of your blog is absolutely shockingly dreadful. You may have the best writing in the world, but I will never get to find out ! Please Please Please change to something with more contrast and bigger font type. The only one that is worse is that debio/woman in the sand or whatever it is called.

Daisy Turnip said...

Dear Anon

I won't go into resolution settings and MS options to increase font size to your required size. I will however, increase the font size as requested.

I'm certainly no great writer, I keep a blog simply for fun and for friends and family. However, I'm glad to welcome other visitors and now with the improved / increased font size, I hope you enjoy reading about the life of myself, friends and family.

I haven't seen the debio/woman in the sand blog - but now need to go and investigate, in order to compare how bad we bloggers are at webstyles! :)